[Wolves] USB headers

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Thu Aug 19 16:12:39 BST 2004

Simon Burke wrote:
> Ahh.. sorry i think i implied th eworng things, Its the mother board
> connecters that i am short of. The case comes with 3 sets of USB ports
> on the front and there is a card reader which require a connecter. So
> i have four itm i need tp plug into one 9pin header connecter on the
> mobo.
> The mobo is a Tyan s2885 thunder k8w, and yeah it requires an EPS12v
> PSU which we didnt know.

Ah, I completely misread.  Oops.

All I can say is I've overdosed on the OU Cosmology stuff I'm doing ATM 
so my head is too full of Leptons for me to be able to read properly...  :)

Well, you're only short of two connectors aren't you?  You have two on 
the MB already.  I think you may have to make do with that if the 
following is of no use to you.  :(

You may find that this:

Could be of some assistance, if you buy it together with two PCI USB 
cards which have an internal USB port.  This, of course, means you're 
going to wind up with loads and loads of USB ports on that machine... :)

I suppose that may actually help you as the inbuilt USB ports are AFAIK 



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