[Wolves] USB headers

David Goodwin david at openminds.co.uk
Thu Aug 19 15:36:45 BST 2004

Simon Burke wrote:
> Ok, 
> I have a small problem really off topic but i have to ask.
> I'm builidng a duel opteron system and i have a small problem with the
> amount of usb headers i need to connect. As the motherboard I have has
> only one USB header, which i scr*p i know.
> Anyway does anyone know of any card or something that i can use to add
> an extra 4 internal 9pin USB headers to the system??
> Thanks,
> SimonB

You can get PCI expansion cards which have USB ports on. I'm not sure if 
you can get any with 9pin headers on however...

I think I've seen them at PC fairs.. the idea of them is that if you've 
either got :
1) A really old system with no usb slots, and want to add a usb thing or
2) You need more usb slots (but why not use a hub? perhaps contention is 
a problem?)
3) Your current usb slots are somehow knackered.

I did have a usb expansion card, but I don't think I do any longer... in 
  to it you'd just plug normal usb leads.. of course it's not too handy 
to use / access, being at the back of the machine.


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