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David Goodwin david at openminds.co.uk
Mon Aug 23 14:36:09 BST 2004

> Its annoying yes, but I'm sure he wouldn't have done
> it on purpose, i'm sure he;ll be very apologetic when
> he comes back :-)
> Or then again I don't remember Sean ever posting here
> before?
> It is damn stupid to use a works email address for
> mailing lists though.
> hmmm, I wonder if he'll get told off by his work about
> this
> to have another week of this crap otherwise.
> I think its stopped now, Jono might have put a filter
> on or something.
> Thank heaven for my killfile.
> Yes, indeed, well thats my excitement of the day
> anyway. Its not very nice but I'd be very amused to
> see Sean's email when he returns :-)
> Jayne

Hi Jayne,

Does your email client not indent when replying ? It was a bit hard to 
read the above.

Anyway, I see nothing wrong with replying/reading lists from work 
email.... ;-)


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