[Wolves] List Stats

Jayne Heger jayneheger at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 23 14:17:02 BST 2004

This bloke needs to be kicked off the list or at the
very least 
downgraded to web-only access or something. It looks
like we're going 

Its annoying yes, but I'm sure he wouldn't have done
it on purpose, i'm sure he;ll be very apologetic when
he comes back :-)
Or then again I don't remember Sean ever posting here
It is damn stupid to use a works email address for
mailing lists though.
hmmm, I wonder if he'll get told off by his work about

to have another week of this crap otherwise.

I think its stopped now, Jono might have put a filter
on or something.

Thank heaven for my killfile.

Yes, indeed, well thats my excitement of the day
anyway. Its not very nice but I'd be very amused to
see Sean's email when he returns :-)


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