[Wolves] MMORPGs

sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Mon Aug 23 16:08:48 BST 2004

Matthew Revell wrote:

>One of the things I used to think would make me interested in computer
>games was if I could live a virtual life, in a virtual world populated
>by other real people.
Cue Metaverse quote from Aq ;-)

>Well, clearly these things have been around for ages but they've
>always looked a bit pricey to me. Anyway, I'm up for trying one out.
>Does anyone have any experience? Which is a good one to go for? Do any
>of them run on Linux? I'm not shelling out for Win XP (out of
>principle and tight-fistedness) to play a game.
If you find one I will get it too so we can hack and slash together 
(which is how I presume most of these games end up) plus having another 
character interacting with yours helps any roleplaying when you do 
encounter someone else who isn't just in it for the player killing.


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