[Wolves] MMORPGs

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Mon Aug 23 18:03:01 BST 2004

sparkes wrote:
> Matthew Revell wrote:
>> One of the things I used to think would make me interested in computer
>> games was if I could live a virtual life, in a virtual world populated
>> by other real people.
> Cue Metaverse quote from Aq ;-)

s'a shameful accuracy, that. :)

>> Well, clearly these things have been around for ages but they've
>> always looked a bit pricey to me. Anyway, I'm up for trying one out.
>> Does anyone have any experience? Which is a good one to go for? Do any
>> of them run on Linux? I'm not shelling out for Win XP (out of
>> principle and tight-fistedness) to play a game.
> If you find one I will get it too so we can hack and slash together 
> (which is how I presume most of these games end up) plus having another 
> character interacting with yours helps any roleplaying when you do 
> encounter someone else who isn't just in it for the player killing.

I assume that, like, IRC doesn't count? :)

I never really got into mmorpgs. There are a few web-based turn-based 
games which might be OK (planetarium was one, iirc, but I don't know if 
it's still running). I don't know about the more rich-client end of the 
spectrum -- Linux Game Tome might, though?


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