[Wolves] Apologies...AGAIN.

Jono Bacon jono at jonobacon.org
Tue Aug 24 01:18:35 BST 2004

Stuart Langridge wrote:

> Sean Spencer wrote:
>> I really look forward to getting to one of your meetings as soon as I 
>> can.
> We're on for this Wednesday, I do believe; I think holiday season is 
> over now :)

Jees, can't I leave you lot alone for a few days? :P

Sorry I was not around to help stop the emails, I was in Holland. As 
someone said, this always seems to happen when I am away somewhere. I am 
going to have to dish out some admin to some others in the LUG I think.

Don't be too harsh on Sean guys - I know its annoying, but these things 
happen to us all at some point. I came really close to making a similar 
mistake a while back until it struck me that I would piss a lot of 
people of while I was away. :P

Hope to see you at a LUG meet Sean, and you can buy us all a beer. :)

Incidentally, I won't be there on wednesday - this is the last week of 
my mental August. This month I have been to four countries, one 
festival, one conference, one family visit and I will have done four 
gigs. This week is the gigging week - we had a gig tonight and we have 
another two this week in coventry and dudley. On wednesday we will have 
family visiting so I can't make it. After this week though, it is back 
to normal. I am missing coming to LUGs. :(

Catch you soon,


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