[Wolves] Apologies...AGAIN.

sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Tue Aug 24 07:19:32 BST 2004

Sean Spencer wrote:

>For those who care, I once again apologise sincerely for the annoyance I
>have caused many, many people today. As stated by some more understanding
> people - it was by no means intentional, and was acted upon as soon as I
>was made aware of it.
I presume you are refering to me ;-)

I took your apology the first time then you got all defencive (in an 
offencive manner) about it.

>I am on a well deserved holiday, after supporting 7 branches in the UK and
>1 in Australia for the past 12 months (single handed, and you should see
>the length of gaffer tape I had to run to there...) - hence my oversight.
>The fact that Jamie (who is very new to the business) was out of the
>office doesnt really mean jack - he was still able to remote into the
>server under my instruction and remove the auto-responder.
It does mean jack.  You spammed the list with an out of office message 
that couldn't help the people it was meant to.  If you had problems in 
one of your offices that day Jamie would have got dozens of pissed off 
emails (as he was the contact you listed) from users who thought he was 
ignoring them.  You could have made one of your co-workers look like a 
twat because of that error in your ofo email without spamming our list.

>I also resent the fact that certain individuals (even after apologising)
>feel the need to be even more slanderous towards me personally, my ability
>to do my job etc. The fact is, you dont know me. Yes, I made an error - a
>very annoying error (dont we all sometimes ?). But I dont really think its
>necessary to be quite so viscious with your comments. However, whatever
>keeps you amused really.
again I presume you are refering to me.  Point out where I was 
slanderous and vicious.  In fact point them out to your lawyer because I 
just said IMHO that on the basis of what we know you are not very good 
at your job.  This stands because you made an administration error in 

>I subscribed to the list because I have a genuine interest to learn more
>about Linux in general. I dont post often as I am normally swamped at work
>, however, I do normally read a lot of posts whenever I get chance. I have
>been dealing with Windows systems for quite some time now, and in no way
>did I subscribe to the list for 'recruitment' purposes. In what way would
>that benefit me ? I'm missing the point here I think. I'm an IT guy, not a
>sales guy.
well you arn't very public until after your error so what are people 
meant to think?

>I will now be removing my work address from the list, and I will
>re-subscribe under another (private) address.
can you adminster that one any better?

>For the record, no I wont get into ANY kind of trouble from this - not in
>the slightest. The Commercial Director (who I have worked for for the best
>part of 7 years now) called me personally and just asked if I could sort
>it out. Which I did.
nobody attempted to get you in trouble they wanted the you address to 
stop spamming the list replying to it's own out of office emails.  I 
spoke to the commercial director who said he would deal with the matter 
by calling you or jamie.  I never said anything to the commercial 
director about your abilities (or public shown lack of them) as an IT 
man I just asked him to stop the mails and pointed out as everyone of 
them has his companies contact details on them they where all acting as 
a little bit of bad faith.

The only person I did say you couldn't be much of an IT manager was 
whoever answered the phone first who attempted to give me the run around 
(fantastic job of screening calls, shite pr by whoever it was) who 
didn't know think you answered to anyone (in bofh stylee) and didn't 
know who was in charge.  I got put through to someone in accounting who 
did know who was in charge of the office and then things got done.

>At the end of it, the people who REALLY matter, know I do a good job. Not
>someone just 'guessing'. Get out more maybe.
I don't give a shite who things you do a good job, good luck to you, all 
I did was point out your obvious lack of ability shown publicly.  If you 
have a problem with that take it further but I doubt you have and legal 
recourse because all I ever offered was by opinion on public matters.  
No slander was commited.  Of course don't even attempt to sue me for 
slander if you arn't 100% sure of winning because then I have a stronger 
case ;-)

>I really look forward to getting to one of your meetings as soon as I can.
yeah, pop along.  I look forward to meeting you.

>Sean Spencer

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