[Wolves] Sean Spencer of 'spamming fame'......You're all safe...

sean_spencer at blueyonder.co.uk sean_spencer at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Aug 25 20:55:19 BST 2004

Hello ladies & gentlemen,

I, the aforementioned guffer, "rimming Sean Spencer" - has now removed =
his work email from the list and subscribed my personal address instead. =

Whilst I am on, I was wondering if anyone had come across this scenario =

TightVNC, through SSH. Amazingly slow.

Fine when just using TightVNC...but bring SSH into the equation, and all =
goes pear shaped.

Alternatively, any other good methods I can use (apart from RDP) to =
connect my home linux box to Windows servers for remote administration =
via the web ? (Obviously as secure as possible)

Any feedback would be most appreciated.

Sean Spencer

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