[Wolves] Sean Spencer of 'spamming fame'......You're all safe...

david at codepoets.co.uk david at codepoets.co.uk
Wed Aug 25 22:19:52 BST 2004

> Hello ladies & gentlemen,
> I, the aforementioned guffer, "rimming Sean Spencer" - has now 
> removed his work email from the list and subscribed my personal 
> address instead. ;-)
> Whilst I am on, I was wondering if anyone had come across this 
> scenario before.
> TightVNC, through SSH. Amazingly slow.

Probably ssh's compression is adding to latency. Try turning it off.

> Fine when just using TightVNC...but bring SSH into the equation, and 
> all goes pear shaped.
> Alternatively, any other good methods I can use (apart from RDP) to 
> connect my home linux box to Windows servers for remote 
> administration via the web ? (Obviously as secure as possible)

I'd suggest you use ssh port forwarding. I think terminal server uses
port 3307.

so :

ssh -L 3307:windowsPC:3307 aUser at work.linux.box

rdesktop localhost

Should work. Shame you didn't come to the meeting tonight. I've found the
performance of vnc or remote desktop to be entirely acceptable when tunneled
through ssh over my ADSL line... if you don't have that much bandwidth look at
NX, which i've seen working really well through e.g. 128kb ISDN etc.


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