[Wolves] PHP/MySQL Books

David Goodwin david at openminds.co.uk
Tue Aug 31 11:29:30 BST 2004

Peter Evans wrote:
> I've got programming experience in other languages and databases so I'm not a 
> total beginner, but has anyone got some recommendations for someone looking 
> to self-learn the above?
> TIA.

I can't recommend any off the top of my head, however try to find a book 
that deals with the PHP PEAR connectivity, as this should be more cross 
database, and not bind you to a particular database.

Unfortunately PHP wasn't very well designed, and the two main databases 
(MySQL and PostgreSQL at least - not looked for others) all have custom 
functions -e.g. mysql_connect(...), pg_connect(...) etc, which means it 
can be a right pain to port from one DB to another.

Pear should remove this nasty feature, and allow you to only specify in 
one place which DB you're using. (Rather like using JDBC/ODBC etc).


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