[Wolves] cups and my lousy hp laserjet6l

James Turner james at turnersoft.co.uk
Mon Dec 6 02:15:05 GMT 2004

On Sunday 05 Dec 2004 14:55, scared at geneforensic.mine.nu wrote:
>  Hi all,
> I'm sitting at my nice sparkly new desktop that I threw together earlier
> this week,  running sarge 2.6 everything has ironed out better than I have
> ever known.
> However - this good for nothing printer is old (so it gets the blame) and
> although cups is reporting itself as correctly configured my attempts at
> printing either test pages or file content are resulting in half a lne of
> squiggle.
> What can I do? what should I test and is this problem symptomatic of an
> old (and HP) printer or just dodgy configuration by user(me!)?

The printer should have one or more built-in test pages available which you 
can use to determine whether it is working OK on a hardware level. If your 
model has an LCD/LED display, try selecting one of the options from the "TEST 
MENU" (or "INFORMATION MENU" on newer models). For HP models without a 
display, a test page can be produced by pressing the "Go" or "On Line" button 

If the built in test page is OK, try selecting a generic PCL5 driver (or 
earlier version - though this shouldn't be necessary). If your model has a 
PostScript personality installed you could also try using a generic 
PostScript driver. The LaserJet 6 should be definitely compatible - as should 
be most other HP LaserJet models, which support either PCL, PostScript or 

You could also try a different distro or operating system - maybe an Ubuntu 
Live CD for example? (could this be done?) If none work, try a different 
printer lead.



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