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sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Wed Dec 8 17:23:49 GMT 2004

baza wrote:
>>Not easy and bear in mind I'm registered disabled too.  Which despite
>>all the legislation actually doesn't make a blind bit of difference in
>>the job market.

> I can really relate to that. I had a renal transplant two years ago.
> Before that I was on dialysis for ages. And now can I get a job? Guess.

The obvious thing to say is that's taking the piss ;-) but I can relate 
to tales like this.  I know several people who are fit to do the jobs 
they are qualified for but get turned down for health reasons.

A few years ago a couple of graduates (one white and one asian) used to 
apply for the same jobs with almost identical CV's but with one 
obviously Indian name.  They would then sue the company when the Asian 
lad wasn't offered an  interview and the white guy was.  It could be an 
urban legend but I sort of remember seeing them presenting their results 
on tv and actually making a living from this for a year or two.

Perhaps you should apply for the same job twice with different names 
(not illegal to use an alias unless you are avoiding a criminal check) 
but with only one declaring any health concerns.  I wonder which would 
get an interview given it's illegal to NOT offer a disabled applicant a 
job if their disability is the only distingushing feature between two 

> Baza

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