[Wolves] Network Battle (Formerly ntop)

Chris Ball chris at mnemonik.net
Thu Dec 9 12:07:07 GMT 2004

Peter Cannon wrote:
  > I've got em by the short and curlys, I need it for a big quote I'm 
doing and
> the Director is already spending the profits I need to get the quote out by 
> about 3.00pm so if I miss the deadline it wont be my fault.
> Mind you as a funny side line, we are an authorised Dell reseller their 
> delivery/collection department has some how got the Directors personal mobile 
> number and the delivery drivers keep phoning him;
> "S'cuse me guv where's Watford?" :-0 
> Its happened again today about 20 minutes ago he is currently throwing his 
> rattle around the office.
> I just cant think who would be stupid enough to give out his mobile number, 
> Hm? 

I'll have you know, that my desk is in the middle of an communical 
office, as my office houses all the computer equipment and servers 
(there's no room for me).

IF.. you make me laugh like that again, i'll probably get the sack as 
i'm doing fook all work, and i'll have to sue you.


The looks I just got. :s

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