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Mo Awkati mawkati at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Dec 12 12:29:24 GMT 2004

 --- Ron Wellsted <ron at wellsted.org.uk> wrote: 

> Hi Mo,
> The following is based on SuSE 9.1:
> If you use the external serial modem and Yast fails
> to detect it, you
> can still add it manually.  try to add the modem as
> normal (with yast
> trying to detect it),
> When yast has failed to detect it, under ¨Available
> are:¨ choose the
> option ¨Other, not detected¨.  This will then allow
> you to manually
> configure the modem.
> Assuming the modem is on the first serial port, the
> modem device should
> be /dev/ttyS0 (/dev/ttyS1 for the second serial
> port).  For a
> residential line (not on a PBX) configure the
> remaining settings for no
> dial prefix, tone dialing, speaker on and detect
> dial tone.
> Under details, set the baud rate as high as
> possible, try 115200, but
> drop back to 57600 if you get problems.  The default
> initialisation
> strings should be OK for most modems.
> On the next screen, if your ISP is not listed,
> choose ¨New¨ and enter
> all the dialin details for your ISP. 

I have done that. I tried tty01,tty02 and tty03. When
YAST tries to detect the modem the modem does not seem
to flash any of its lights to indicate that SuSE is
talking to it. I don't understnad why its not

I will try Daniel's tip re installing the drivers for
the intel modem and see what happens. 

Regarding Peter's advice, Its not easy ordering by
mail order a modem thinking it might work and only to
find out that it doesn't and then you have to go
through the trouble repacking everything and hopefuly
get your money back. If there is a modem that will
definitly work with SuSE and not too expensive that
would be great. I have to have a good argument to make
them pay anything over £30 when their pc was working
"fine" with MS. 

It is very annoying when all it is just vendors and MS
will not release the software. I am dead against it.
Its not Linux, Linux will beat MS hands down any day.
Lay people don't understand these things they just
want a pc that does what they want.

Sorry to ramble on, I am just very frustrated with it.


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