[Wolves] Re: Wolves Digest, Vol 65, Issue 1 Plone, Zope and Typo3

hb004e3078 at blueyonder.co.uk hb004e3078 at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Dec 13 11:05:32 GMT 2004

Hello All,
I want to set up sites for other users to maintain. The sites are usually
political, so they need to be as up-to-the-minute as poss. The people that
do the editing are not interested in learning a complicated proceedure and
of course being political we don't want any opposition monkeying around in
our site.
I have done a lot of work ploughing through the documentation on Zope and
have intalled Plone, only to find in a FAQ that it is not suitable for a
small site or aan ISP hosted server!!!!!!
What about Typo3? Does anyone have any experience of this? I don't want to
spend time learning something that is unsuitable.
As a side issue- well no its central to most of what I do- I want to
impress people (eg. MPs with what Open Source can provide.

PS me and Minnie Tux will be at the Christmas bash. She does'nt eat curry
so she'll just watch.. and listen.
Howard Berry
Supporting Open Source Software

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