[Wolves] BT Pay As You Go and Linux

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Mon Dec 13 12:08:30 GMT 2004

On 13/12/2004, "Mo Awkati" <mawkati at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>the URL is: http://www.btyahoo.com/internet/prices
>Then click on the red box at the top with "register"
>in it. You will get to the first of the "register"
>steps. when you select "pay as you go" it does not do
>I used Firefox and konqueror and neither worked. I
>used Firefox, the Windows version, and that didn't
>work either!

Just to look thick...I've just tried it in Firefox/Windows and it worked
fine for me. You might want to try this:

In a real Firefox window, go to Tools/Javascript Console, which will pop
up a Javascript console window. Click "Clear" in that window to ensure
that it's empty. Then try the BTYahoo signup thing again. If the
console window shows some kind of error, post it here and it might give
a clearer indication of what's wrong.

The page does use Javascript to do navigation, so you may need to check
that you have Javascript enabled: do this in Tools/Options/Web
Features/Enable Javascript (or posssibly Edit/Preferences/Web
Features/Enable Javascript).


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