[Wolves] IMAP and Horde/Squirrelmail

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 16 18:09:00 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I wonder if someone can give me some pointers...

I'm evaluating Cyrus-IMAP, UW-IMAP and Courier-IMAP as
well as Horde/IMP and Squirrelmail as webmail
interfaces. All on Debian testing.

With Cyrus, I can log in to Horde and can send mail
but not see recieved mail in either Horde or Kmail.
With UW and Courier I can't log in to Horde but can
see received mail in Kmail. I can't log in to
Squirrelmail at all either way.

Can anyone point me at a good doc or have experience
of getting the mailbox/imap/webmail client end points
to join together?

My preference is Horde and Cyrus, I just need to get
the mailbox folders visible in Horde but don't know
where to start looking.

I do have the Cyrus manual but a) it's written in
fluent gibberish and b) it appears the Debian package
is configured with different options to the one in the

Postfix as the MTA works great and I can send mail
from Horde and recieve incoming mail, though I can't
see it in Horde.

Any help is appreciated.

Merry Christmas all :)




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