[Wolves] More Ubuntu woes...

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Wed Dec 22 21:05:20 GMT 2004

Tim Humpherson wrote:
> I tried the Ubuntu that came free with the Linux Format and to be
> honest, I didn't like this Distro, despite it is Debian based and the
> APT technology.   Ubuntu is, I think, not secure enough as they have
> disabled the root account and use sudo instead.   I know that one can
> re-activate root privileges.   Unless I'm wrong there, then I'll
> accept that I'm wrong!

I'm not sure I understand you here. Do you mean "disabling the root 
account and using sudo is an insecure thing to do"? Or "look, they 
*must* be insecure: you can tell because they've disabled the root 
account, and they wouldn't need to do that if they were a secure distro"?

If the former, then I'd be very interested to hear why you think that 
the use of sudo is an insecure thing; I don't believe that it is, and 
it's in line with security best practice, so if there's something 
inherently bad about that approach then do please let us know!

If the latter...then you're wrong :) As I said above, using sudo is in 
line with best practice; logging in as root is, basically, a bad thing, 
and sudo helps avoid that. That's why sudo exists...


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