[Wolves] Auto display of mounted drives on Gnome desktop

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Wed Dec 29 16:14:13 GMT 2004

>> Under some distros, the mounted drives automatically appear on
>> the desktop. Does anyone know how I can achieve that in Ubuntu? I've 
>> searched
>> but not found anything.
> ubuntu have gone for a clean desktop with no clutter.  I think your 
> mounted drives appear under the places menu. This is where things like 
> GNOME favourites appear.
> I don't have any removable media on this laptop so it's difficult to 
> check but I think this is the action that is specified.
> Although the mount for jennie docs (a samba share) appears on the desktop.

Warty mounts certainly appear on the desktop, and to the best of my 
knowledge so do Hoary (at least they appear to on Kat's laptop here)

I think you have to be logged into Gnome _before_ putting in the 
CD/memory stick etc.. otherwise it doesn't know who to mount them for etc.


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