[Wolves] OpenOffice File

sparkes sparkes at phreaker.net
Tue Feb 3 20:15:45 GMT 2004

On Tue, 2004-02-03 at 19:49, Mo Awkati wrote:
> Help!! When I save openoffice text files and try to
> open them in konqueror (in file manager mode) the text
> files are saved in a funny format. They are saved with
> a file extention of .sxw. When I try to open one of
> these files I get loads of others. How can I get it to
> save a normal doc?
> I have checked OOo website and nothing mentioned
> there.
that is a normal doc, an OOo doc ;-)

if you want to export to MS Word .doc File->Save As and choose MS Word
97/2000/XP from the menu.

The problem you are having in Konqi is file association, you need to
tell it what to do when you click on an open office file.  I am not sure
what you need to do here perhaps a KDE user can help

> Cheers
> Mo

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