[Wolves] two question's 'linux web servers' and 'active directory'

Simon Burke simonb at geek-web.co.uk
Fri Feb 6 22:04:34 GMT 2004

David Goodwin wrote:

>>Ok, i have this new server but i dont know what Os to run on it all i
>>need is Apache, mySQL, a DNS and an email server. Other than BSD, which
>>os would be best suited to this role, i've been casually looking at
>>distros but cant decide.
> Debian, Slackware, RedHAt AS, SLES8... depends on who it's for and what
> they want... businesses want long term support so RHAS/SLES are good
> choices. For the rest of us - Debian, Slackware etc etc.

The server is mine im setting it up just for something to do.
>>Second question, Does anyone know active directory, i just ask cuz we
>>have a win2003 server at work, but no-one has permissions to browse the
>>network, even domain admin. The permisions are set per user as far as i
>>know to allow net browsing, but  when anyone tries they get an
>>unauthorised to access this location error message. Any ideas??
> Wrong list sorry ;-)
> Google might help
> David.
I thought so, but thought i'd ask just incase, thats what i get for 
working for a person who think microsoft is software is the answer to 

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