[Wolves] Am I forgiven?

David Goodwin david at openminds.co.uk
Mon Feb 9 13:31:57 GMT 2004

> 1. Do I need NFS or NIS

They're for talking linux<->linux

> 2. Should both units have static IP and not DHCP (remembering the laptop 
> doesn't use DHCP (I believe)).

no. static ips are one less thing to break on a small network, and 
reconfiguring things isn't much hassle.

> 3. Am I correct and I can run two profiles simultaneously.

probably, i don't know too much windwos stuff.. esp. with regards to 

> 4. I wish I had a brain.

me too :)

> 5. In return I may be able to come to the meeting on the 11th my wife is 
> off work! Anyone wishing to attend my public flogging for the "inner 
> circle" comment may bring their own birch sticks.

you're on :)

Set up your base unit as a Samba server, to do this edit 
/etc/samba/smb.conf - the existing entries should help you figure it 
out. Use "security = user" Run smbadduser (i think) and you should now 
be able to create a user with the same name as the one you use on windows.

Access your server using either \\ipaddress or \\netbiosname

To keep your files in sync I suggest you use Window's offline files 
thing (not in XP Home!), but in Win2k.....

To check the underlying network is working, try ping'ing things etc.


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