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fizzy fizzyorguk at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 10 10:27:08 GMT 2004

Wolves LUG (Operating No Ice) - Feb 11th 2004
The Standard, Cleveland Street, Wolves : 7.30pm
This is the meet that the last one should have been.
We are celebrating Aq and Matt's birthday. We are
also celebrating the end of Matts sanity due to

Everyone should attempt to make it and get driven or
taxied if possible.

   1. James
   2. Matthew R (I'll be driven there and trollied
   on the way home ... sorry for poor joke)
   3. Ron
   4. David (Additional birthday person - his is on
   the 17th so this is the closest LUG)
   5. Kat (who will soon have L plates!)
   6. Rob
   7. Ade
   8. Jono (suppose I should add myself really)
   9. Dan
   10. fizz (probably driving, thinking this may not
be the best log to quiz people on 2.6.2 :) )

No Goers:
   1. Mo -babysitting :-(

Late Goosers:
   1. Lee - I have a lecture until 9ish but I'll try
and make it down (I'm
taking a database module at the uni!)

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