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fizzy fizzyorguk at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 16 11:49:11 GMT 2004

 --- Matthew Revell <wolveslug at understated.co.uk>
> >1) Woman's Hour.
> Largely responsible for the awareness of domestic
> violence as a serious 
> problem in the UK

This may (or may not) be true, however, it does not
excuse the fact that it's dull, very very dull!

> >2) The archers - a radio soap about a farm, come
> on!
> Better than Emmerdale ... besides, you can switch it
> off, it's only 15 
> mins a day (30 if you include the lunch time repeat)

Is the evening 'show' only fifteen minutes long?!
Feels much longer than that!

> >3) Desert Island Discs.
> >  
> >
> A truly dreadful programme, I agree, but by no means
> a reason to 
> consider Radio 4 inferior to Fun Eff Emmmm..

yeah, score one! 

> I admit, I gave up on Radio 1's evening schedule
> when Steve Lamaq 
> discovered R&B. I know he's not the mainstay of the
> evening schedule now 
> but, nonetheless, someone playing music to fill up
> time on the air can, 
> in no way, be as good as real programming!

As Tom 'God' Morello says, someone will only listen to
a speech, or read a leaflet once, they will listen to
a song over and over again.  This is going to turn
into a music vs speech debate that can't be won....

> I like John Peel, he seems like one of the nation's
> truly good blokes, 
> whatever you might read about his fans queuing to
> give him blow jobs 
> when he started out. His Radio 1 music show, tho',
> is the result of a 
> man who gets too much music posted to him and
> doesn't quite want to let 
> all of them down, so he plays as much of it as he
> can. For truly 
> interesting, experimental music, you want Radio 3's
> (yes, 3) Mixing It 
> ... 'tis available on Listen Again.

That is the joy of the John Peel show, he plays loads
of stuff I'd never normally listen to (drum 'n' bass
etc) but you can find some amazing gems amongst the

> I have CDs to play the music I want to listen to ...
How do you find out about new bands without the
radio?! Sure I know it's much more possible now with
t'internet and all but I still think radio one's 'new'
music is really good stuff.

> okay, I do listen 
> to music radio (6 Music, the jazz stuff on R3 and
> R2, as well as several 
> internet stations and one or two DAB stations) but
> Radio1 seems to want 
> to be liked be everyone at once, which means it does
> things to be cool, 
> a lot of the time, rather than to be listenable.

One of the things that makes me rate radio one over
any commercial music station is that it /is/ cool! For
example, it did not playlist the cheeky girls.  Nor
any of the pop idol pap.  It does not just tow the
line.  Yes it does playlist a lot of dance and r n b
that i don't like, but I respect those a lot more than
the latest Ronan single...

> Don't worry about it, fella. Today can be dude and
> cool day, tomorrow 
> can be mock northern day.

When's talk like a pirate day return :) I was talking
in a Manc accent on Saturday actually, random.


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