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Matthew Revell wolveslug at understated.co.uk
Mon Feb 16 11:22:24 GMT 2004

fizzy wrote:

> --- Matthew Revell <wolveslug at understated.co.uk>
>>How so?! Radio 1 is filled with junk that is
>>questionable, at best, apart from Chris Moyles, who
>>I admit to liking. 
>>Okay, Radio 4's Today programme may be up its own
>>arse but there's some 
>>really great programming on Radio 4 ... just about
>>the only intelligent 
>>radio in the UK.
>In the case for the prosecution I present the
>following pieces of evidence:
>1) Woman's Hour.
Largely responsible for the awareness of domestic violence as a serious 
problem in the UK

>2) The archers - a radio soap about a farm, come on!
Better than Emmerdale ... besides, you can switch it off, it's only 15 
mins a day (30 if you include the lunch time repeat)

>3) Desert Island Discs.
A truly dreadful programme, I agree, but by no means a reason to 
consider Radio 4 inferior to Fun Eff Emmmm..

>However, radio 1 just oozes cool, its
>evening programing is amazing, Zane 'I'm just too damn
>cool' Lowe
I admit, I gave up on Radio 1's evening schedule when Steve Lamaq 
discovered R&B. I know he's not the mainstay of the evening schedule now 
but, nonetheless, someone playing music to fill up time on the air can, 
in no way, be as good as real programming!

> and John 'totally uncool, yet cool' Peel
>rock, and the main point being.... it
I like John Peel, he seems like one of the nation's truly good blokes, 
whatever you might read about his fans queuing to give him blow jobs 
when he started out. His Radio 1 music show, tho', is the result of a 
man who gets too much music posted to him and doesn't quite want to let 
all of them down, so he plays as much of it as he can. For truly 
interesting, experimental music, you want Radio 3's (yes, 3) Mixing It 
... 'tis available on Listen Again.

>radio 4 does not.
I have CDs to play the music I want to listen to ... okay, I do listen 
to music radio (6 Music, the jazz stuff on R3 and R2, as well as several 
internet stations and one or two DAB stations) but Radio1 seems to want 
to be liked be everyone at once, which means it does things to be cool, 
a lot of the time, rather than to be listenable.

>fizz (worrying about his use of the word 'cool' and
>'dude' in lug posts today...)
Don't worry about it, fella. Today can be dude and cool day, tomorrow 
can be mock northern day.

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