[Wolves] Nervous breakdown

David Goodwin david at openminds.co.uk
Mon Feb 16 16:54:10 GMT 2004

> you forget O wise one I am but mere spec on the fly that eats from the
> dung of your yak
> I just use a bog standard text editor,
> If only I was in the realms of the gods and could use Vi in conjunction
> with bash but Vi frightens me I had a go once but couldn't figure out
> how to do something or other and haven't used it since.

Ah. If pico is installed try using it - e.g."export EDITOR=pico" then 
run "crontab -e"

It's quite intuitive, although a bit evil as it doesn't handle line 
endings too well.

>>It doesn't matter who gets what IP address, as long as they are 
>>different, and on the same subnet.
> I take it you mean

Yes - the subnet would be <->

As in -
IP - 192.168.0.X
Net Mask -
Broadcast Address -
Network Address -
Gateway - ????
Where X is > 0 and < 255.

>>So you have in /etc/hosts :
>> fedora
>> suse
> Oops! not at the moment at least as far as the laptop is concerned I'll
> check the PC when I get home

As i said, these aren't necessarily needed.

> Ok under the GUI in suse it shows (Ooh hang on am I supposed to have
> this on both the laptop and the pc?) in my logical mind all I want to
> export is the PC share

The exportfs & /etc/exports stuff needs to take place on the server.
The clients just need to run a program called "portmap" (or sometimes 
"rpc.portmap") - this is normally run on bootup.

>>>If I can only mount as root surely it will tell me to get lost as user
>>>"sneyd" (Fedora) is trying to connect to "sneyd" suse?
>>No. NFS will map user id's across (but you need to make sure sneyd has 
>>the same User Id on both systems for this to happen).
> I'll check

Use "id sneyd" on each box. If the first number is the same then it's 
ok. You'll need to be root to mount the filesystem, but not to 
access/use it.

> Money any use?

yeah,... it buys beer, sparkly things for my wife, dog food.. and 
occasionally new bits for my mountain bike so I can get dirty on the 


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