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Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Feb 17 16:43:18 GMT 2004

Hi David

On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 15:48, David Goodwin wrote:
> >>
> >>Indeed
> >>
> >>Ever wondered why no one could read your website Peter ?
> >>
> >>There's some suspect html in it - e.g.
> > 
> > Er thats because I'm a twat plus I have no training in website creation
> > my employers are tight fisted cheepscates and I have to do everything
> > myself.
> Well, you'll learn from experience :-)
> Try changing the frame link to "Home.htm" without the other stuff there, 
> and it may work. You could just edit the page in e.g notepad.
> When doing a webpage, it nearly always pays to load the page from a 
> different computer,Know that, done that. making sure it doesn't have any mapped drives etc... 
> this should let you know if there are any problems for others. Also try 
> using another web browser to check for errors (e.g. Netscape/mozilla 
> can't handle \\ URLS like IE).

Heres the story: had a site that worked OK one of the guys here thought
it would be a good idea to upgrade one of our web servers. In the
process he killed everything (shock horror, for an IT company) we didn't
have a back up. I had to start again from scratch, quickly I pulled back
bits and bobs threw them together and whopped the site up and there it
has sat unloved and ignored by all.

I'll look into it.
> > 
> > I created the site myself I was proud of it, my one redeeming success,
> > but you have now killed all the joy in my life and I am writing this
> > from the top floor of Cannock multi story car park "my blood is on your
> > conscience" good by cruel world! 
> Oh well.
> Talking of Cannock, is Cannock Chase (the park) any good ? I've been 
> meaning to go there for ages to mountain bike, but haven't bothered 
> yet.... any idea if it's relatively dog proof ? (i.e. it's mainly green 
> open space where two mad dogs can run in circles growling at each other 
> can't get run over by speeding cars?)
Yeah it's really popular with those who still haven't forgiven Raleigh
for doing away with the chopper bike. There's nothing like a shift stick
between your legs.

More of a worry on the dog front is their bi product but the deeper into
the enchanted forest you go the better (it can get quite muddy) it gets.

As you know I live in Bloxwich so why don't you check out the Sneyd
pools at least thats what I think their called? lots of water = lots of
> Thanks
> David.
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