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Wed Feb 18 18:19:41 GMT 2004

> No, while I don't know your age I suspect your younger than me and don't
> need to know about sex just how to administer Rohypnol.

Indeed - but aren't your children girls? So, they need to
know how not to get their drinks spiked :-)

> > And have you expained this to the girls? Have you explained
> > that they shoudn't think ill of half the world just because
> > this is their primary goal? Have you explained that
> > propagation of genetic code is the only function that
> > determines success on an evolutionary scale - making all men
> > finely tuned propagating machines? And that it's not the
> > guy's fault - but you still shoudln't just give them what
> > they want?
> >
> > No, wait - I forgot, you're hiding in the Falklands!
> >
> > What you teach your children will determine what mechanism
> > they use to deal with problems as they arise - fill them
> > with toolkits of understanding!
> Thank you Doctor bloody spock (not the star trek one either Mr Picky)

If I understand correctly, Dr. Spock gained his
understanding of society from his own upbringing, and was a
quite brilliant, if troubled man. Quite an honour to be
compared to him!

> > Especially girls: I've known *so* many females absolutely
> > screwed to pieces emotionally because these things were
> > never properly explained to them.
> Ooh and I just bet you oozed understanding with no ulterior motive at
> all!

One of them was my sister. Have some imagination and
compassion fool.

> > Nothing personal you understand: perhaps if you'd met some
> > of the screwed up people I have. :-)
> And why would I take offence? You presume to lecture me on a subject you
> obviously know nothing about (You have no children of your own I take
> it) so I'm really going to sit up and listen arn't I.

I don't own a motorbike, but I'm pretty sure that riding one
into a wall isn't too good an idea.

> When you've got the cradle marks off you're arse then come and talk to
> me.

Charming. And I'd love to.

> Ps I will be at the next meet

Alas I'll be cowering in my cradle for this meet - I may be
at one this Easter. It would be interesting talking to you I

"When all else fails, kill the mother fucker with your bare hands"
	-- mahatma bambam

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