[Wolves] Consultancy work thingie for union office. (fwd)

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Mon Jan 12 09:28:42 GMT 2004

bambam at opendildonics.org wrote:
> I wish to understand the oranisation's structure.
OK I had a meeting with them on saturday so I am now able to answer this.

> Where are management physically?
They are in the same building.

  What are you allowed to do
> to the boxes?
Not much if they want to be on the council intranet.  They've told me 
they will settle for one machine still being in the control of the 
council IT monkeys so they can have intranet access with the rest of the 
machines being under their control, on the network they have asked for.

  Who pays for the equipment?
The union itself pays for them.

  Does everyone who
> has to use the PCs want in on your dirty little scheme (:-)?
In all likelihood, yes.  Anyway I have the backing of the Branch 
Secretary.  It will all get finally decided at the AGM in April, though.

> Do management use the same machines for anything? Are there
> any services that the boxes supply that management will
> notice missing?
No and no.  They're union-owned desktops.

> The ideal is to take over the PCs, and understand each and
> every one of the surveillance mechanisms, then control them
> to always give benign results. Local files can be easily
> secured using pgp disk, scram disk or other related tool
> with a usb dongle stored key and secret passphrase to keep
> in case the dongle is stolen, however these measures are
> very rarely needed.
Actually I think their major worry is emails.  They're already monitored 
(although I think it is really an automatic spam/porn filter more than 
anything - the one email they told me about that was blocked was one 
about Indonesia because it contained the word 'torture') and I think 
they are paranoid that management would simply intercept correspondence 
and read it in the event of any industrial action.

They don't think much of the data protection people either, calling them 
a 'paper tiger'.  Apparently that attitude comes from bitter experience.


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