[Wolves] Off topic - travelwm

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Tue Jan 13 19:48:38 GMT 2004

> This may be a little different to what's normally talked about, but did
> anyone see the front page of the express and star yesterday, regarding
> travelwm not owning the .com domain and the owner of the domain
> redirecting it to a dating/adult site ??

Err.. it doesn't at the moment...

> I have done a little research and believe that they have no right to the
> domain or the use of the domain unless I am infringing a registered
> trademark, which travel west midlands don't own. Looking at companies
> house, 'travelwm ltd' is a non-trading company, as they are trading as
> 'travel west midlands ltd'.

I'd have thought that as I can see no other use for a site named travelwm,
you might consider either automatically redirecting to the travelwm.co.uk
site, or having a easily visible link on a child safe page saying "For
Travel West Midlands click here" or similar.

> Does anyone have any thoughts on whether their is any loophole in the
> system where they might be able to take the domain from me ??

Normally if you are somehow profiting from the name - in that it is doing
the other person loss then any adjudication is likely to rule in their

> Any thoughts from you guys would be appreciated. Appologies, for the off
> topic subject :S

What do you use it for? Why did you buy it?

TheREgister.co.uk have had articles in the past regarding domain disputes
(i think there was one involving the xbox)


p.s. IANAL (I A NOT a lawyer!, and haven't really followed domain disputes
in the past).


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