[Wolves] Editors

fizzy fizzyorguk at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 18 16:48:07 GMT 2004

 --- Aquarius <aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org> wrote: 
> 6. Not be modal. Modal editors are arse.
> Vim dies on 6.

For me I do a little editing of config files so joe
does the job fine.  If I wanted a proper editor I'd
use vi(m). I think it's pretty harsh to exclude it
just because it's modal, I guess it's somat you just
have to get used to? 

However, saying that, I'm ripping debian apart from my
laptop just because some things don't work quite right
so I can't really talk! If everything's not perfect
within a distro I move to linux from scratch or
windows, either end of the spectrum really, even
slackware pisses me off because it tries to do too
much for me and has a wanky package management system

> Aq.

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