Growing up with computers (was: Re: [Wolves] GPL, IP and patents..)

Matthew Revell wolveslug at
Tue Jan 20 13:29:14 GMT 2004

Aquarius said:
> I invite you to look under the bonnet of a BMW or something. Cars were
> easy to fix in 1961. Now it's all electronic this and engine management
> system that and whatever. Your objection here may be: you never look (and
> never need to look) under the bonnet of your car.

Fair enough, point taken.

To go back to my original point, tho', I think that it's going to be
harder for the console generation to get into computers the way we are,
than it would for someone who plays with radio controlled cars to get into
being a mechanic.

> a simple car driver who isn't interested in the technology; you just want
> to doa simple task (go from A to B) with the minimum of fuss. Apply that
> analogy to a majority of computer users, who just want to write a
> document,
> print it, and read their email and then shut the machine off. Complexity,
> and interest, are where you find them, really.

Yeah, I agree. What I should have said was, something more like, "Consoles
are no grounding for an education in computing ... and shut up, before
someone mentions XBox Linux, etc :) Once you've got that grounding, you
can do so much more for yourself in the world, than if you had the
equivalent level of car knowledge."

Or something...

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