[Wolves] Re: Growing up with computers

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Tue Jan 20 14:58:12 GMT 2004

Matthew Revell spoo'd forth:
> To go back to my original point, tho', I think that it's going to be
> harder for the console generation to get into computers the way we are,
> than it would for someone who plays with radio controlled cars to get into
> being a mechanic.

I concur entirely. We all started with machines that presented you with
an unforgiving blank screen and a prompt. You *had* to learn. :)
>> a simple car driver who isn't interested in the technology; you just want
>> to doa simple task (go from A to B) with the minimum of fuss. Apply that
>> analogy to a majority of computer users, who just want to write a
>> document,
>> print it, and read their email and then shut the machine off. Complexity,
>> and interest, are where you find them, really.
> Yeah, I agree. What I should have said was, something more like, "Consoles
> are no grounding for an education in computing ... and shut up, before
> someone mentions XBox Linux, etc :) Once you've got that grounding, you
> can do so much more for yourself in the world, than if you had the
> equivalent level of car knowledge."

Again, I concur.

There is an argument (we'll call it, ooh, the Mac Argument) that people
should be able to do all the stuff without *needing* that grounding in
how the damned machine actually works. The jury is still out on whether
this is possible or not :)


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