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Does the English Language count as the mother of all open source projects?

It is after all a language where new words are made up or imported from
elsewhere by its community of users rather then dictated by a central
authority, it evolves through usage and a distributed development model
rather then by dictat (even the OED adds words when they proove common). If
you want to add a new word or gramatical structure to the language all you
have to do is persuade enough people that its usefull, it is (sometimes
literally) a language developed in the bazaar.

If so then this implies however that grammer nazis can never be correct
because there is no correct or incorrect usage only the opinion of
individual users, so there can be no right or wrong in English usage only
stable and development branches, and forks (e.g. American English).

(who's waiting for a batch database extract to run and so has too much time
on his hands)

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> I've got one. It's packed for my move, tho'. If
> anyone really wants to
> improve their grammar, or punctuation, then I
> strongly recommend R L
> Trask's Penguin Guide to Grammar and Penguin Guide
> to Punctuation.


Incidentally, do we really need to correct each other
on spelling and grammer on the list? Does akneewan
gyve a sheet?


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