[Wolves] *nix packaging; was RPM

fizzy fizzyorguk at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 21 10:39:13 GMT 2004

 --- Old Dan <dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org> wrote:
> Piffle.  It all depends on how well the database
> itself is kept up to date.  It just so happens the 
> Debian database is the best maintained,  but with 
> woody that is at the expense of having
> packages.  Intrinsically apt is no better than rpm

Must agree that it is lessup-to-date, perhaps a
debian-bleedingedge is needed? :) apt is better than
rpm because for the /majority/ of things dependencies
are sorted, but for the /majority/ of rpm people they
cause them to kill family pets in frustration.

> Try installing from sources other than the Debian
> official ones and you 
> may find yourself in dependency hell again.  In
> fact, even in official 
> Sarge there are still some packages which just Don't
> Work right now... :)
> (Though as it's a 'testing' distribution that's not
> suprising...)

Stupid question, why is it that some things aren't in
the official debian archive? I noted last night that
mozilla and kde (I think) were on seperate servers. 
I'm guessing this is a Richard Stallman 'not free'
thing, but there is non-free on the official mirrors
so I dunno... Other stupid question, how do I know
what toy story character version of debian I'm on and
how do I change between them (and know the
differences). </stupid questions>

> Dan

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