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Chris Procter Chris at foxonline.co.uk
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In Access right click on the tables window and you should get 'Link tables'
as an option and you can link to a table in a remote odbc database, it
should then work entirely as normal but using Access as a front end and
connecting remotly for its data. That will be the easiest thing seeing as
you already have it working.

A web based front end will take (a lot) more work to get set up but can then
be accessed from any pc with a browser (one less windows specific app in the
world!) and probably more flexable in the long run. There must be loads of
tutorials on this on the web, if you know HTML/SQL/Perl its not that
difficult, just long.


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Re-LoaD's LUG Mail wrote:
> Hi All,
>     I'm after some help please.
> We have here at work an access data base about 18MB in size, currently if
> user needs to use said data base he/she just opens the file over the
> shares.
> This basically transfers the whole file to the local machine, Not very
> and some users don't even have access to the correct share.
> Ok what I have been asked is can this data base be held on a central
> with a web based front end ??
> now I know nothing about data bases / access and very little about web
> front ends.
> Can any one point me in the right direction, a place to start. Can access
> data bases be converted into other formats ?
> I do have Mysql, apache, perl, etc installed on my Linux servers what I
> would like to do is hold the data base on one server ( this is my main
> store )
> and run web queries from the web server.
> Thanks in advance
> Re-LoaD

Yes, you should be able to export the data into e.g. MySQL or PostgreSQL 
and then using an ODBC connection use Access as a front end for the 
database. I'm pretty sure I've done a similar thing before, but not 

You should find the following useful...




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