[Wolves] ADSL or cable broadband?

bambam at opendildonics.org bambam at opendildonics.org
Sat Jan 31 13:33:45 GMT 2004

> Right, I should have moved into my new house by the end of
> next month, so it's time I chose: ADSL or Blueyonder.


> I've used both in the past and had a much happier experience with
> Blueyonder, which I found to be near faultless. Also, Blueyonder didn't
> require any faffing to get it to work with Linux. ADSL I found to be
> patchy and I hate the fact that you have to log on, primarily because I
> couldn't get my ADSL modem to work with Linux.
> So, sounds like a done deal. Well, no. Telewest's phone service is pretty
> naff and quite expensive.

(Obviously) it depends on the calls you make and the tariff
you are on. They can be ok.

> But I don't wanna get a BT line if I'm already
> paying for a Telewest line.

Plus BT suck.

> Does anyone have any experience of running ADSL from Linux,

Indeed. Most ADSL modems that come with a package expect you
to do ATM over PPP over usb. We have had rediculous troubles
with shit VIA chipsets on board on our router. A mate of
mine has no trouble with it (especially with the new usb
drivers in the 2.6 kernel) but it's still quite a stupid
interface. The darn thing should just provide ethernet.

Like a cable modem.

> or are you
> guys all Blueyonder? There's some really good ADSL deals out there, at the
> mo,

Pipex was the cheapest for us.

> and I'd much prefer a BT line ... but Blueyonder seems so much easier
> to run from Linux. Any thoughts?

Shit chipsets aside, you shouldn't have any trouble with
seting up a crappy speedtouch adsl modem under linux. It
takes more time than setting up a cable modem however - and
you're more likely of succeeding with a cable modem since
the ethernet interface is way more standard.

However, you've paid no attention to badwidth: BY and others
give b/w capped at say around 64K/b actual data throughput,
and with fast far-end connections that's exactly what you'll
get. ADSL has a typical contention ratio of 50:1. Which is
pants. Most annoying when bob and alice over the road start
downloading holiday videos slowing my download from

I'd go for BY every time and twice on sundays.


"When all else fails, kill the mother fucker with your bare hands"
	- mahatma bambam

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