[Wolves] WebDAV

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Mon Mar 1 14:48:56 GMT 2004

Aquarius wrote:
> Ron Wellsted spoo'd forth:
>>Some questions:
>>Do you have a Windows Server on your network?
>>If so, is it a Domain Controller?
>>What version of Samba are you running.
>>Please post the contents of your smb.conf file.
> Right, here's what I've got, and what I want.
> I have a Win2K box, 2 Win98 boxes, a WinNT box, and some Linux boxes.
> I want each machine to have a directory on it which each other machine
> can both read and write to, with no entering of passwords required.
> I do not have a domain: the Windows boxen are in a workgroup, and I
> don't want to have to set up a domain 'cos I don't understand them.
> So: what should I do? Presumably I should create a directory on each
> machine, and create some accounts on the Windows boxes, and some
> on the Linux boxes, and so on. Help!

Hi Aq

Are we talking cross purposes here?  Surely you know this crap already, 

For each box:
Set the workgroup name in smb.conf to whatever the name of your 
workgroup is and set the netbios name to whatever you want to call that 
particular box.  Set security to SHARE.

Set up the shares up at the bottom.  Seeing as you want universal access 
with no password protection you should set all the shares up as guest 
only accounts, making sure that guest is a valid username and 
(obviously) it has RW access to the share directory/ies.

Since from the sounds of things you're already sharing across the 
workgroup I won't mention the need for all the users to have accounts on 
the 2k & NT servers, except to say that that is one of the things that 
having a domain can be useful for(centralised passwords and such).


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