[Wolves] Samba/Networking tutorials

Ron Wellsted ron at wellsted.org.uk
Tue Mar 2 16:18:00 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 02 March 2004 10:34, David Goodwin wrote:

> Talking of Samba....
> I have a printer setup using lprng (I don't like CUPS too much) and I
> also want windows clients to print from it.
> I seem to have a choice of :
> 1) Get windows clients to install correct drivers for printer, and then
> send stuff to printer skipping a filter etc.
> e.g.
> samba:
>          :lp=/dev/lp0:\
>          :sd=/var/spool/lpd/%P
>          :mx=0
> 2) Get windows clients to send ??? and use the same filter as used for
> local printing on Unix?
> lp0:
>          :lp=/dev/lp0:\
>          :if=/usr/bin/foomatic-rip: \
>          :af=/etc/printing/HP-LaserJet_2100M-hpijs.ppd: \
>          :sd=/var/spool/lp0: \
>          :mx#0:sh:
> What would the Windows clients need to have installed as a printer
> driver? Is there some way to tell them just to send PS?
> What does everyone else do? It just seems a bit silly having two
> printcap entries for the same device. For what it's worth the first
> entry (using the samba printer) works fine from a windows workstation.
> If I use the second entry it appears that it attempts to convert the
> data twice (windows converts to .ps? and then the print filter converts
> it again? it comes out as gibberish on the printer anyway ).

If you want a bog standard postscript printer under windows,  setup the 
printer as an apple laserwriter 16/600.  The ps that winNT/2k/XP generates is 
pretty vile, with each char placed individually on the page which results in 
the print job being typically 6-10 times the size it should be.

I used to run LPRng/foomatic and IIRC that the foomatic filter automagically 
detected the type of the print job, so if you sent PS, it launched 
Ghostscript and if you sent a native job (PCL) it was passed unmodified.  
This is certainly what CUPS does.  This means that you can send windows and 
linux print jobs to the same queue.

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