[Wolves] Wireless on Linux (using it as an AP)

fr0st carl at fr0st.co.uk
Tue Mar 9 20:07:25 GMT 2004


I have, Xandros 2 on my PC, which is basically Debian and I have 1 onboard 
Realtek NIC which is configured as eth0 and I also have a NetGear MA311 pci 
wifi card which hasnt been configured but will be.
I use the range 192.168.2.x at home, which then connects to my gatewate 
which is .1 which is my cable router.

Ok this is what I wanna do, or try to do.. I would like to use my laptop 
downstairs, connect to the PC and then out to the Internet using WiFi, is 
it possible? Anyone know how?

All help appreciated..

- TriG

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