[Wolves] Fusion 878A DVB

Matt Warwick aozc15 at dsl.pipex.com
Sat Mar 13 08:21:11 GMT 2004

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Hi all

I've - er - 'inherited(*)' a PCTV card from work because my boss 
'upgraded' his (to a later version on the software, another identical 
board (the only difference being the differently-sized modulator and 
differently-coloured PCB - the chip was identical)) and notice it has a 
Conexant Fusion 878A chip on it.

Now looking on the web I find the chip listed as being DVB-capable. 
Does anyone know whether this is true or just marketing bluster 
internet-ready style?  Does anyone know whether I can use Linux for 
this(I know there are drivers of some sort available(bttv) but I haven't 
seen anything which is listed as having DVB capablilities...)?

Does anyone care?


Hmmm. I have a Nebula Electronics DigiTV which is a DVB card, and that has a
BT878A on it, the 878A is used purely for the composite input on the card
though. The site is www.nebula-electronics.com. There are some forums linked
from their support page where someone might be able to give you some info on
the card you have though, if it's not the Nebula.


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