[Wolves] SQL problem

sparkes sparkes at phreaker.net
Wed Mar 17 14:20:08 GMT 2004

On Wed, 2004-03-17 at 14:13, Simon Burke wrote:
> On 17/3/04 12:37 pm, "sparkes" <sparkes at phreaker.net> wrote:
> > 
> >> I am willing to write a script to do this for you for a very reasonable
> >> amount if this project needs this functionality.  I can deliver it this
> >> afternoon ;-)
> > dam didn't bite, never mind.
> > 
> Sorry, was off somewhere have to setup about 50 macs and PC's (boxed) and
> create am Active Directory Domain for them, and AD is a right b*tch. Thanx a
> lot for that, but I have one problem, the one restriction I have Is that I
> can only use MS technologies here, which really sux, oh well.. But I've
> still been slipped the odd bit of open source in.
and a windows executable is? I can send one over to you if you like to
show your bosses that a solution that works, works on whatever platform

Tell Mr and Mrs Ridgway-Davies that their company is doomed when all
their customers learn they can get a lower cost of ownership on an open
source developed solution ;-)

Their site seems to promote RAD quite a lot.  Well I just solved a
problem you are struggling with in M$ world in 30 mins and ~25 lines of
code.  Why are they so M$ biased?
> Anyway, thanx for that code very much appreciated..
no probs, but remember it is GPL so if you use it as inspiration for
your solution I would require that solution to be GPL ;-)
> Oh, and if anyone is interested my place might have a job going soon, its
> not great pay but its 15k+. Its not definite whether there is one or not,
> but its a good possibility. The role is a bit of everything, support, db
> development, web development, network design and stuff like that.

not if I have to turn into a windows freak ;-)

Oh, I think I emailed this to you off list I have spotted a problem on
the company site and mailed it to enquires.  If you don't have the time
to do it I can develop a solution using open source technologies for a
fraction of the cost of M$ stuff ;-)


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