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Thu Mar 18 10:02:45 GMT 2004

Morning Adam

Thanks for the reply, yes I am back less a couple of pounds of body
tissue now lying on the operating room floor being prodded with a stick
by a terrified student nurse!

On Wed, 2004-03-17 at 19:18, Adam Sweet wrote:
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> wrote: >
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> > Going back to what I said about things working when
> > they shouldn't any
> > idea why when I create symbolic links (in fact all
> > the symbolic links on
> > my Fedora distro) the file gets created but says it
> > no longer exists?
> > weird eh? yet Fedora seems to work OK sorry to chuck
> > another problem
> > into the pot.
> Sorry Peter, can't advise on Fedora or SUSE as I don't
> use either, but as for the symbolic link thing, you
> need to be a bit more specific.
> How are you creating your symlinks, in a gui (which

With a console/bash/text session (not sure which term is correct?) don't
you just love it when six or seven terms mean the same thing like
Network Card, NIC, 10/100, Lan Card and so and so on,

I am trying to do everything text based because one of the guy's here
keeps looking down his nose at me like I stepped in something smelly
because I use GUI. I presume he would be classed as a purist?

> one?) or on the command line? What do they point to?

In the example I gave it points to the Java plugin
ln -s libjavaplugin_oji.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

> Which file do you mean, the link or the target? What
> says the file no longer exists? ie the gui or the
> command line? Can you verify that the files on either
> end exist using either the CLI or a GUI file manager,
> the symlink and the target that is? If you're using
> the command line, double-check the ln man page to make
> sure you're using it correctly (I always get the link
> and the target the wrong way round).
The Sym link should sit in the /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins 

and point to

Under Konqueror if I browse to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins there is a file
there but when you hover your mouse over the file it says "This file
seems to no longer exist".
There is a file icon which has a large orange question mark in the
middle with a little padlock on the left hand side and a black sym link
arrow if I open the file it has nothing in it.

This sym link is used by Mozilla for Java plugin.

Ooh by the way these files with question marks, they only show as a
normal user if I browse as a superuser the question marks are gone and
they look like normal files!

Am I being a retard?
> Can't say I can help here, but more info might help
> the problem come to light. If it works then don't
> worry about it too much, it might just be a quirk or
> fault, like Mandrake always says that the checksum is
> invalid when you download updates using their update
> tool.
> Good to hear you're better by the way :)
> Ad
> =====


Peter Cannon

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