[Wolves] LugRadio episode three

Jono Bacon jonobacon at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 18 15:20:38 GMT 2004

Hi Pete,

> Cor I didn't say I didn't like!
> What I was going to say is maybe it would be an idea
> to have a loose
> form of script, maybe make it a little less like a
> bunch of mates with
> some larger in a back bedroom mucking about with a
> tape recorder.

In many ways this is the point. This is not a
particularly serious show. The aim is to just meet up
and ramble on, just like a real LUG meet, but it is
recorded. This lack of seriousness is why we ramble
off topic, mix in some serious talk and fill the
entire show with sarcasm. :)

This is the reason why we have stayed away from having
a script. A script would not give the show the
on-the-spot feel that we think is fun about it. :)

> You've got a good idea and there is some interesting
> stuff I would have
> thought if you cleaned up some of the rough edges
> you could get one or
> more of the local or national radio stations to take
> it up.

I doubt a radio station would want to air our little
show. ;)


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