[Wolves] Sun and Solaris - worth a go??

Matthew Revell wolveslug at understated.co.uk
Fri Mar 19 09:06:11 GMT 2004

David Goodwin wrote:

>> I'm thinking about sticking Solaris on one of my spare Athlon machines 
>> and perhaps running it as a combined file server, for my own network, 
>> and web server. Worth a go?
> Can't hurt :)

Yeah, that's pretty much my attitude :)

> I tried intel solaris (7) out ages ago on a PII 400, and found it's 
> default install to be somewhat lacking (i.e. bash not there etc, and 
> only CDE which I don't like) so I dropped it and went back to Linux.

Arg. I imagine it at least comes with Gnome, now.

> I've always thought of buying a sparc, but I had an alpha and didn't 
> really make any great use of that (did who ever picked it up from me a 
> few months ago make any use of it?). Once you install Linux on it (Tru64 
> is a bit hard to buy) it's really no different from a normal PC once 
> you've had a play with the BIOS stuff (ARM?).

Yes, that's a point. It'll be just like a normal PC but I want to return 
to my old fiddling/hacking days, when I used to get Amstrad PCWs to do 
unnatural things, and the like :)

> I'm tempted to get a mini-itx box though, they can be fanless (peace and 
> quiet) and have 3 onboard nics, excellent for a firewall etc.

Sounds cool. What's one of them? :)



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