[Wolves] KDE Panel

sparkes sparkes at phreaker.net
Mon Mar 22 10:03:05 GMT 2004

On Mon, 2004-03-22 at 09:53, Lee Jordan wrote:

> I haven't seen a rounded kicker (kdepanel) before, maybe there is a hack in
> the KDE improvments section on kdelook.org. The Transparent setting seemed
> to disapear some time ago. The Control Centre in 3.2 has been reworked
> again. You can change the background image of the pannel, useful for getting
> a gradient type look, but maybe if you used a transparent PNG there instead
> that might do something.
I think the transparent thing was a xfree86 3 hack that disapeered with
xfree86 4.

I am pretty sure the newer versions of x have hardware axcellerated
transparency and things and are just waiting for support to be built
into windowmanagers.


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