[Wolves] Apt: package has no installation candidate

Matthew Revell wolveslug at understated.co.uk
Mon Mar 22 12:01:04 GMT 2004

Aquarius wrote:

> You're thinking: shit, I want a stable machine! But, for Debian,
> "stable" means "well out of date". Run testing instead (testing instead
> of stable in sources.list -- and why use us.debian.org, incidentally??)
> and that may well be resolved. Personally, I run unstable, which isn't
> actually unstable at all, but testing might be better for you. I ran
> testing for some time before going to unstable.

Cool, I've got it all running under testing, at the moment. As for why 
US sources ... because that's what I could find a sources.list for :) 
Blueyonder has a deb mirror, I believe, so it'd make most sense to 
switch to that. I take it I just replace the URI section of the 
sources.list entries...



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