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Thu Mar 25 09:49:40 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-03-25 at 09:37, fizzy wrote:
>  --- Matthew Revell <wolveslug at understated.co.uk>
> wrote: 
> > Wow, is the part of the Law of the Slacker, or
> > something? Some people 
> > have too much time on their hands :)
> The rules of lighter stealing are a well respected
> institution! Just like playground football rules
> (http://www.blogfc.com/blog/archives/000094.html)
> "Kneeling down to head the ball over the line when
> defence and keeper are already beaten will elicit a
> thoroughly deserved kicking."
that is the most respected rule in playground football.  I am campaining
to get the silly crosslegged kick in the same situation to also earn a

Another beating offence is doing a forward roll after any tackle where
there might have been contact but PFIFA is against that rule just as
they are against the two footed from behind tackle earning an
'ooohhhhhhh' from the assembled players, calling people wearing shin
pads 'girlies', and the bloke who kicked it fetches it except in the
event of the goal keeper making contact in a deliberatly over elaberate
'continental' faux save or he is the 'best fighter'.

> fizz


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