[Wolves] Blueyonder broadband and *nix firewall

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Sun May 30 04:09:17 BST 2004

Simon Burke wrote:
> Heya,
> I've seemed to have practically disappeared from exsistance recently,
> sorry.
> Anyway, im soon to move house and having blueyonder installed.
> I want to use (as the firewall) either a smoothie or try mandrakes
> 'multi network firewall' (MNF), but does anyone know how I'd set it
> up? (in terms of the modem talkin to the firewall). I've been given
> the impression its as simple as giving them (telewest) the mac
> address and just configure the NIC for DHCP.
> Is that right? Or do I need to setup username/password stuff to be
> sent to the modem whenever I need to reconect?  Or anything like
> that, and does smoothwall & MNF support the modem..
Yep.  BY still supply modems with an ethernet connection facility so it 
really is that simple.

There is a usb connection too on the same modem but I have no idea 
whether there is a USB linux driver for it, nor whether it is included 
in smoothie or MNF.  I'd say even if there is one existing it probably 
isn't included.


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